Alstar Music presents – Sebastián Javier – Happy Again Tour!

Show Times:

2pm – Main doors (entry for both Standard & M&G ticket holders)

4:15pm (approx) – Show ends

4:20pm (approx) – 6pm – M&G

6pm – Curfew

Ticket prices:

£20 – M&G (includes a photo after the show, plus your ticket into the show)

£10 – Standard (entry only into the show)

Age limit: 8+ only (Anyone under the age of 14 will need a ticket holding parent/guardian for entry into the show)

All tickets include entry into the show. If a parent/guardian is attending the show with you, they will need a STANDARD ticket only.

Tickets on sale from SATURDAY 20th JULY 2019 @ 10am

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