Alternative Promotions Presents

Rock your coccyx! Not much else to say really – FIVE epic bands spanning genres including, punk, rock ‘n roll and hard rock, almost FOUR hours of top notch live entertainment plus one INCREDIBLE hostess with a secret. Oh yeah, it’s also FREE ENTRY – suck on that every other event in town! 😉

AudioDriver (Hard rock)
We are a hard working hard rock band from Glasgow!!! Enjoying every minute of what we do as it truly is our passion!

St. Providence (Heavy blues rock)

St. Providence were formed in the winter of 2015, after a few rough rehearsal sessions the boys quickly realised they had a sound bigger than themselves. Blistering guitar riffs, off the wall punk inspired percussion and some gruff vocals, St. Providence came to life.

Vipera Berus (Hard rock)

A Hard Rock band founded in September 2013. Going for catchy, not cheesy. Loud but coherent Rock/Metal with a bit of Swagger \m/

Dead by Monday (Hard Punk)
We take a lot of influence from old-school punk with a modern twist.

Brora Wolf Official (Alt rock)

We are a four piece Rock band out of Airdrie, if there is such a thing as your own sound we’re still looking and simply play what feels right for us.

Your host for the duration: Anna Secret Poet
Drag Poet and Chanteuse from Glasgow, UK. The go-to woman for Hose and Prose!


The Classic Grand
18 Jamaica Street