Hello World

Join us after the Manics gig at Glasgow SECC for our first ever Scottish MSM!

Venue: The Classic Grand
18 Jamaica Street
G1 4QD

Little Baby Nothings & Braindead Motherf**kers are welcome to Destroy the Dancefloor!

DJ: John Slatex playing the usual blend of MSP classics and rarities + Glam * Post-Punk * Disco * Rock * Indie * Pop

To give you an idea of the music played, here’s the listen again links from our weekly online radio show:


Philosophical Laments from 10:30pm until late.

“As a Manics “groupie” (and I use the term very loosely here) you were more likely to end up with a PhD than an STD”.
– Catherine Anne Davies (The Anchoress/Simple Minds)