Mark Rants & Cooncil Juice Presents the Mental Health Rave

For this event I am going to be hosting a Rave preferably at the Classic Grand hopefully for mid August dates still to be confirmed, I am really excited for this one as it has a lot of talented DJ’s and MC’s.

Mental Health has played a big part in my life throughout growing up. I suffer from Depression & Anxiety which has played a big part in not only my life but my friends and family who have needed to put up with it , most days it’s a struggle to even get up out my bed and focus on what I have to do and can find myself lost. Countless trips in and out of hospital due to self harm/suicide due to a lot of things happening in my family/personal life. I feel not a lot of people speak out about there mental health and there is not a lot done about it. Throughout the struggles I have met a lot of people who have similar problems with mental health as a whole and want to raise money to help those who may struggle with their condition. #ItsOkayNotToBeOkay (All Proceedings go to charity)

Noise Generatorz
Rodgers MC (Pure Bounce)
Mc Giff
DJ Joe Craig
Mikey Motion
DJ Swiggo
DJ Pulsator
Killer Couple
MC Lugzy
DJ Lewis MC
Impact Dancers

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