All the way back in 2006, singer/songwriter, Marc Twynholm formed Monkeyfrog to record 1 studio album from a collection of his own songs.

Step forward to 2018 and the band is now out on the road for the very first time with the line up of Marc Twynholm (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Daniel Scott (Lead Guitar), Adam Fraser (Guitars), Adam Nash (Bass) and Jonathan Sutters (Drums).

Gutsy rock-fuelled guitar riffs, served with intelligently-crafted, poignant lyrics. Monkeyfrog is here to remind us of the irony of life and the world we live in.

Join us for a 3 hour blistering set of what promises to be the most heartfelt punch in the guts you can confidently sway along to.

Buy tickets at:
Instagram: Monkeyfrogband