Highshore is a 3 piece band, keeping to it’s grunge roots. The three members include Lewis Jamieson – Lead guitarist and vocalist, Luke O’Rafferty – Bassist and Barny Dempsey – Drummer. Through being friends in high school, the band started jamming on the summer of 2015 in Barny’s secluded cottage in nature, which since has progressed to “On the corner”, a private studio located in the Barra’s, Glasgow, Scotland.
Since the band formed they have played gigs in almost every major venue in Glasgow, and continue to do so, which is where they are based.
Influenced heavily by the 90’s rock and 90’s Seattle scene, the band take inspiration from legends such as SonicYouth, Pixies, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Silverchair and more. The alternative music scene in Glasgow is growing every day and that’s where Highshore resides, playing along side grunge, punk, rock and alternative bands. Highshore’s sound has it’s own unique feel, mainly focusing on grunge as

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