From the midlands of the diversified music town of Birmingham, England born to Irish/English parents,
Gerard Thomas MacMahon took to a more abbreviated name as G TOM MAC much later in his luscious career, changing It from GERARD McMAHON, in realizing the difficulty of 2 earlier album releases that pronunciation of his name was a big problem!
However his body of work under his original sir name proved to be quite extraordinary on many film screen credits & Soundtrack albums that are classics to this day.

But of course his genius & iconic Theme song ‘CRY LITTLE SISTER’ from the equally iconic film ‘LOST BOYS’ created a profound notoriety of sorts for him, in which he remained by his original first name GERARD & changing the spelling of his last to a more easier McMANN so he thought.

In a move by his family to come to America for a few years, it was a stint in NYC than to Wichita, Kansas where the reclusive young McMahon took to music discovering his abilities to be a natural on guitar & singing at age 12.
Within 2 years he was hired by much older musicians to be the front boy singing & playing to packed bars, & high schools throughout the Midwest, all this experience led to his discovery & his new found ability to write songs at 17.

In a move prompted by good common sense that if it was going to happen with his career he had to head West & get out of Wichita.
A stint with a group of excellent musicians he discovered in Denver, Colo. mostly east coast transplants, he found the right players to his songs & off they were playing everywhere 200 dates a year, at a university in Ft. Collins Colo. the band GERARD was discovered by hit producer JAMES GUERCIO (Chicago, Paul McCartney, Beach Boys) signed the very young artist to Epic/Caribou records.
An album release that was soon forgotten, as a result of an album too polished & not the authentic band that was a favorite LIVE!!

Making the move back to NYC to find his musical settings in the city, he found himself in Electric Lady studios singing & arranging music for other artists. Only to have an LA producer hearing G Live & a Demo, than brining him to LA to make more demos.
Not long after film producer Jerry Bruckheimer heard him Live & had him write & perform 4 songs for his street movie ‘DEFIANCE’
That year found him making his solo critically acclaimed album BLUE RUE for COLUMBIA Records, with his follow up NO LOOKING BACK album.

All the while within this time it was KISS covering his song ‘IS THAT YOU’ on the UNMASKED album, R&B legends recording his song ‘BAD TIMES’ going to top 10 R&B.
Not long after that he was not only writing main songs for some of the most classic films of his generation, but bands like Chicago, Steve Perry, Earth Wind & Fire, The Spinners, Carley Simon, Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, & more.

But it was the disappointing sales of a 1986 well crafted but poorly promoted album FORIGN PAPERS album that had G withdraw & rethink his career.
As fate would have it a fantastic fun script came to G from Director JOEL SCHUMACHER with the directors request for G to write the THEME SONG for LOST BOYS.

All leading to his collaborations in the next decade with ICE CUBE, ENINEM to say the least, within the following decade 40 to 50 TV shows & multiple commercials started licensing his songs from his debut G TOM MAC album that was critically acclaimed as well.

This past year of 2018 brought MARILYN MANSON into G TOM MAC’s world with his single cover success of G’s CRY LITTLE SISTER, along with another fan SHAQUILLE O’NEIL declaring on national TV in the half time of the NBA playoffs that G’s original version of CRY LITTLE SISTER is his all time favorite song!

All coming to the NOW! & the musical
G TOM MAC has created in writing its book music & lyrics to

Bringing the film Lost Boys to a theatrical Broadway stage with a back story to its Vampires & mortal characters, with its extravagant Moulin Rouge esq./Gothic look while keeping it fun & full of surprises as the STORY reveals so much more to this vampire classic!

This year of 2019 G TOM MAC will tour performing all the songs from the musical soundtrack with its elaborate stage screens & lighting affects along with of course a sound of its music to be deemed classic.
Feel it, See it & Be one of us!!

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