Friday Club
  • Club: Classic Fridays
  • Night: Friday
  • Doors: 11pm-3am
  • Entry: £6 entry
  • Entry: FREE with wristband b412 / FREE with g’list
  • Promos: Drinks @ £1

If you claimed a facebook ‘FREE entry’ offer, just present your email (either print out or show it on your phone) at the cash desk. Offer admits up to 3 people.

Presenting DJ Barry & Tailz in the Main Hall (upstairs) playing metal, industrial & rock with Gary & David in the Lounge Hall (downstairs) catering to your punk & emo side. BE independent and try something alternative. Click on ‘guest list’ tab for FREE club entry.

dj barry Name: DJ Barry
Bio: Barry’s been a pioneer on the alternative club circuit locally in Scotland and world wide since 1989.
His first residency was in ‘The Venue’ (the original Glasgow Rock Club), around 20 years ago, closely followed by the Videodrome with Robert Fields. He then started a wee club night called ‘The Cathouse’ in Hollywood Studios on Brown Street with Michele Pagliocca, that grew up to become the biggest rock club in Glasgow! But that was then and this is NOW.

Since taking over the Classic Grand in 2009, along with partner Forbes Manson, the Classic Grand is now established as the biggest alternative club in Scotland
Clubs: Friday, Saturday, Trash & Burn

dj dec Name: DJ Dec
Bio: Dec started out DJing playing his parents records on their old turntables. He graduated quickly to find his own residency in Scotland’s
biggest alternative club – the Classic Grand.
You can sample his DJ skils most nights and when he’s not regaling us at the Classic Grand with tunes, he’s making his own.
You can check out Dec’s soundcloud if you’re interested in having your ears pleasured.
Clubs: Friday, Saturday

dj tailz Name: Liam
Bio: Tailz is not just an industrial DJ. Yes, he’s co-run Cryotec, our monthy Industrial/EBM club since its inception BUT he’s very versatile in his music tastes and DJ genres.
As one of our resident DJs, you can catch him at the Classic Grand every Friday and Saturday night.
Clubs: Cryotec, Friday, Saturday